Kim Kern’s Narrative


Photo1Photo2Photo3Mumma duck leading the family. Nikon D1x filePhoto5Photo6Sticking out in a CrowdPhoto8Photo9Photo10Photo11Photo12

CAPTIONS: (I tried to get them under each picture and it didn’t work. So here’s what I got)

1) You can live young, wild and free all you want. But, who’s going to take you seriously?
2) DO this. DO that. GO here. GO there. JOIN us. JOIN us.
3) You got to fake it until you make it. Mother Nature can’t bring you down.
4) A leader is there to lead the way until you’re comfortable enough to waddle on solo.
5) Houses filled with people. Houses filled with men and women. Houses filled with Greeks. A row filled with community and spirit.
6) It’s a jungle out there. Keep you’re friends close and you’re lip gloss closer.
7) Standing out from the crowd requires the strength to find you’re own beauty within the crowd.
8) The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.
9) It’s be a long time coming and a long road for walking.
10) 10 Frat Row, College Park, MD 20740.
11) Home is where you are. Home is where I want to be.
12) We may have found different paths home, but in my heart she’s still my sister.


My thoughts on this project have certainly changed and evolved as the process went on. When we were told to tell a story, the only one I could think of was of my own life and the life changing process I was going through at the time. Formal spring recruitment for sororites is a time-enduring and complicated journey you can only understand if you go through, but I tried my best to display my thoughts and emotions within this essay of photographs. I never wanted the photos to all be my own, or even of the same subject and scene. I like the disarrayment of photos and seeing how they come together in some way or another. I’ll admit I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get the point across. Of the two people that commented their own narrative to my story, I had already explained to one what it meant. However, I was so pleased to see that another person took the same photos and got the same idea. They say how I wanted to show my “evolutionary” process in joining the Greek community and becoming a sister of Sigma Kappa. I never thought about calling it an evolution, but that’s a good form of journey to label it as. Alot more has happened for me in my sorority since I made this essay in photographs. I originally wanted to write a long narrative explaining every photo and this short process I went through; however, I changed my mind and wrote individual captions. If other people could see the certain though behind each individual photo, then a simple caption should suffice, right? No one would want to read a long emotional story from me anyway talking about my two weeks of torture with actually having to be a girl for once. This story is a personal one, and it didn’t end where these photos did. It’s a continuing story, but this snippet right here lets me share a single process. No essay of photos is ever actually complete. The lives and stories of people carry on after a photo is taken, and that should always be remembered.

Photo 1:
Photo 2:
Photo 3:
Photo 4:
Photo 5:
Photo 6:
Photo 7:
Photo 8:
Photo 9:*goodfon*com%7Cimage%7C71344-2560×1600*jpg
Photo 10: my own photo
Photo 11: my own photo
Photo 12: my own photo

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5 Responses to Kim Kern’s Narrative

  1. Ross Fasman says:

    Title: At First I was Afraid, I was Petrified…

    This represents the growth of a college girl, as she tries to navigate life in search of friends and sisterhood. Starting as an innocent baby, confused about life, this photographic narrative slowly takes us on a journey, following from dreams, following the leader as a young duckling until she makes her own choice confidently when the paths split to the welcoming golden light of the Sigma Kappa sorority. This represents her growth as an individual and subsequently, as an adult.

  2. sjfrazier015 says:

    A Day in the Life

    I think that this photo narrative expresses the evolution of a human being, not necessarily in a day but throughout a period of time. They begin a process, such as the transition to college, being confused and perhaps following others. They are then shown different paths and options. By following ones heart, you can decipher who you are and blossom as a person. When person growth is made, you find your place in this world and you find those who you most want to surround yourself with.

  3. Sheila Jelen says:

    You do a beautiful job laying out your definition and I appreciate your articulation of the actual context for this. However, I wonder if you can articulate any theoretical basis for using emotions as the guiding principle or context for your narrative. Which writers would you draw upon?

  4. Sheila Jelen says:

    I am, unfortunately, still missing a theoretical context for some of your choices in this essay. Can you reflect at all on how any of the theorists we have studied this past semester have affected the decisions you made in composing your photo-essay?

  5. Danielle DiGregory says:

    I like that you included many different perspectives within in your photographs. I think the different perspectives allow for a deeper understanding of the many moments of difficulties and triumphs when embarking on a new journey. I like that you did not include any words, because I think it enables each viewer to take something different from these photographs since photographs themselves have the power to be polysemous.

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