Claire Photo Narrative

Here’s the link to my blog. It’s the post called “Photo Narrative”

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3 Responses to Claire Photo Narrative

  1. sjfrazier015 says:

    What a trip!
    This photo narrative depicts a certain trip, in which not everything went your way, but in the end, the results were great. You start with some troubles such as tickets, car accidents, police officers. But the trip must have been fun! Some of the photos depict having fun with friends. Others show great food. A lot of times, we have to go through some road blocks before we get to where we want or need to be in life. But in the end, rewards are reaped.

  2. megmck12 says:

    Title: The Collateral Damage of Adventure

    This narrative evokes the easygoing, carefree nature of truly going on an adventure; of moving forth with wild abandon, accepting the consequences of mistakes, but not letting them detract from the essence of the adventure itself. What some would call the downsides of this adventure are clearly portrayed as an inherent part of it.

  3. Angie Garvey says:

    I thought it was very interesting that you chose to leave out words. Although this makes the images more polysemous, I think it allows the viewers to connect more with the images and form their own interpretations of the photo essay. I also liked your choice in using a combination of photos taken of you or by you and those “stock” photos collected from the University’s photos or used from other internet sites. In my opinion, it gives the essay as a whole a greater diversity. Having heard the story myself, it made it all the more fun to see the story in picture form. Great job!

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