Elana’s Photo Narrative


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5 Responses to Elana’s Photo Narrative

  1. Romance of New York
    This photographic narrative tells a love story of two people growing up and living in New York City. It begins with them both as children, separately. They then meet and go through school, fall in love, and get married. They have children, and they grow old together. It is the story of their lives together, expressing how they have grown and changed, yet still remained together, and tied together by the setting of New York City.

  2. alangdon93 says:

    “Lifelong Love”
    The classic romance story. From creative wacky styled children, to childhood playmates, to high school sweet hearts, serious lovers to silly lovers, the picturesque proposal, white wedding, the joys of parenthood, and growing old with joy prevailing in each year. Through seasons with falling leaves, rainy days, sleepy days, and spring time, their love lasts and is the focal point through the passage of time and season.

  3. Emily Schweich says:

    Love is A Growing Up
    This quote by author James Baldwin captures the sentiment of Elana’s photo essay. The photos capture different forms of love at various life stages. The young girl’s maternal love for her doll and the little boy’s obedient love for his parent are followed by photographs capturing the awkwardness of “puppy love,” the fervor of passionate love, and the adoration of marital love. The arrival of children calls for unconditional love, and, finally, the two elderly couples show that, love is indeed a “growing up” in which both parties involved must make sacrifices in order to solidify a future together, a future they couldn’t imagine spending with anyone else.

  4. Sheila Jelen says:

    When I was trying to find a title for this, I couldn’t decide if it should be “life” or “life in NY.” Your photos represent a beautiful progression. In your framing of the essay, you seem to conflate Mitchell’s notion of imagetext with his analysis of photographic essays in that you say that a photographic essay should have no text, but that it must exist independent of the text present. Mitchell is basically saying that an image text is a multimedia product which does not necessarily need to include text in order to tell a story, but that a photographic essay does contain both texts and photographs, although they need to be collaborative and independent. Therefore, your essay does not fit the model of Mitchell’s photographic essays, although it may be an example of an imagetext.

  5. Sheila Jelen says:

    In your reflection you make it sound like this is the evolution of a single love, or the love of a single couple. Also, the fact that the photos are attributed to Humans of NY constitutes an unmistakable caption in and of itself. I think it is hard not to connect these pictures to NY with such a visible attribution. If you were to revise this in any way, you may have wanted to do so with that in mind.

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