Elana’s Punctum


I remember learning about this picture last semester in my JOUR200 class. My teacher brought it up in regards to citizen journalism. For some reason, the photo did not resonate well with me. I was very disturbed by the image and went on an entire rant about it to my roommate after class. The punctum for me in this photo is the woman’s smile and “thumbs up.” I just think it is really insensitive and disrespectful to pose happily next to a dead body. It’s disturbing. Because of that pose, I will never forget the photo and even though it was mentioned for 5 minutes in class last semester, it still bothers me to no end.

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One Response to Elana’s Punctum

  1. Emily Schweich says:

    I remember this photo, and I agree with you! It’s like when people post on Facebook pictures of them next to a deer they killed while hunting, only it’s a human who’s been killed. I find it very disturbing.

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