President Obama Visits Daughter of Zion Junior School, October 2012

President Obama Visits Daughter of Zion Junior School, October 2012

On October 23, 2012, President Obama paid an impromptu visit to a Christian school in Delray Beach, Florida. The students, hearing that Obama would be in the area, lined up to wave to his motorcade, and Obama decided to take this opportunity to pose for a picture with these children.

The studium of the photograph is President Obama’s interest in the children whom he’s holding, which conveys a human side to the often cutthroat campaign trail. But the photo’s punctum is the little boy behind Obama, who has taken this chance to plant a kiss on the girl next to him.

It’s interesting to think about how a photograph captures one moment in time and makes it eternal. In this photograph, the girl seems surprised by the kiss, and the boy is obviously happy. However, in other photographs taken just seconds later, the girl is seen pushing the boy away and wiping the kiss off her face. It is this picture of the kiss, however, that been deemed “Photo of the Day” on Obama’s Twitter feed and has gone viral online. Perhaps this photo’s popularity results from America’s adoration of young love, however brief.

-Emily Schweich


About Emily Schweich

Broadcast journalism major at the University of Maryland.
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