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Week 2 Readings Prompt due Sunday 2/3 by 5pm

What is an Imagetext, according to W.J.T. Mitchell? Mitchell alludes to several examples (Blake, “Sunset Boulevard,” Thucydides) in illustrating his definition.  Please illustrate your answer with one of your own examples. Advertisements

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Week 2 Digital Media Prompt due Tue 2/5 by 5pm

Rubric Development and How To Evaluate Photonarratives I’m a big believer of participant pedagogy—which is just a fancy way of saying that learner input is important! In preparation for the upcoming photographic essay assignment, please read the articles listed below. Based on your critical analysis of … Continue reading

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Megan’s Punctum

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Esra’s Punctum

The photo is meant to be an advertisement for the clothes that the models are wearing, or that’s what I assume because of the prices listed in the right hand corner. Yet, what stood out to me was the papers … Continue reading

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This a photograph by Robin Hood of an injured Vietnam War veteran. I had previously seen it in the Newseum because it won the 1977 Pulitzer Photography Prize. What really jabs me emotionally about the picture are the solemn or … Continue reading

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President Obama Visits Daughter of Zion Junior School, October 2012

On October 23, 2012, President Obama paid an impromptu visit to a Christian school in Delray Beach, Florida. The students, hearing that Obama would be in the area, lined up to wave to his motorcade, and Obama decided to take … Continue reading

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Abby’s Punctum

This photograph was taken by Henri Cartier Bresson in 1947.  I feel like this expresses emotions that I’ve definitely felt before, particularly through the man’s posture, of being exhausted and just wanting to give up.  I think the fact that … Continue reading

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